About Us

Sepatubaru is a well known brand for custom shoes in Indonesia. Since the arrival in 2006, Sepatukubaru bring the new era of custom shoes. We deliver in good quality and consistency. Founded by Harriette Arlita & Sugeng Bagus, Sepatukubaru now serve Indonesia shoes lovers and already expand the market to Malaysia and Japan

Located at, Jl. Labu I, Sektor 1-6, BSD, Serpong, Tangerang Selatan, Sepatukubaru employ the local shoe maker that inherit the skill of shoe maker from their ancestor. We believe employee is a vital asset to deliver customer satisfaction. Hence, we encourage our employee to sharpen their shoes make skill by using combination traditional hand tools and modern tools.

The fashion industry in Indonesia welcoming and appreciate Sepatukubaru by engaged in international fashion event, Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 & Jakarta Fashion Week 2014.



Sepatukubaru, Uniquely Yours. Your Shoes, your style, your size for a perfect style of you


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